Embedded Engineer - Power Electronics (f/m/d)

Festanstellung, Vollzeit · München, Munich

Your Tasks
  • Work with internal team on continued development of existing codebase for new features and project refinement - constant communication is required

  • Writing and maintaining program and functions for family of automotive solar power electronics, including high voltage devices

  • Refining and innovating our control models and algorithms into usable microcontroller code

  • Conducting program debugging within development frameworks and directly on hardware 

  • Programming and handling of common automotive communications such as CAN and derivatives

  • Consistently develop within common coding standards such as unit testing, git revision control, modular and reusable code, etc.

  • Full documentation of all engineering designs or process

  • Support functional safety and cyber security topics

  • Nearly any other task associated with your skillset that may contribute to furthering company goals. As a startup, all our colleagues hold many responsibilities. 

Our Requirements
  • BS Computer Science or Electrical Engineering + 8yrs experience, MS CS, EE, or DSP + 5 years experience
  • Expertise in writing C/C++ for microcontrollers in safety-critical electronics components
  • Expertise in adapting control algorithms into performant, real-time code
  • Strong understanding of electronics schematics, integrated circuit functions, and how to manage IC peripherals
  • Strong understanding of revision control, both technically and for intra-team communication
  • Experience with Microchip dsPIC33 microcontroller a strong plus
  • Experience with MathWorks Simulink/Stateflow a plus
  • Experience with MathWorks code generation for automotive applications a plus
  • Experience developing for AUTOSAR/ISO26262/ASPICE contexts a plus

What to expect
  • A visionary, courageous team, motivated to make solar integration for vehicles a big thing.
  • A very dynamic company where missing structures or processes are met with passion for our vision and a lot of creative energy.
  • A learning culture characterized by transparency and values where it is allowed to make mistakes, ask any question and look for ways to improve for the customer, the team and yourself.
  • Flexible work hours and and hybrid office/home workplace split (Typically three days in office, two days at home) 
  • A no-print policy, sustainably produced coffee, a vegan catering service, and more. 
For you to consider before applying for our job offer: In a small company organised the way we are, the traditional employer-employee relationship is replaced with a partnership. You cannot expect the same service, support, and infrastructure as you would in a large organisation. Things you miss might need to be initiated and created by you. You are regarded as someone who is really important in terms of how our company is doing, not just as someone who comes in and does their job. You will have more responsibility for the whole picture, and you will also be able to have a greater impact than in a larger organisation. You will feel a bit more insecure than you might in a larger organisation. How the company is doing financially has a more direct correlation to your employment. The owners will work together with you, but they will not manage the company - you and your colleagues will. You will be required to contribute and take initiative. You will have to adapt to the fact that not everything will be in place, taken care of or running perfectly. To work in this way open and straightforward communication is essential. This is a strong part of our culture.
Sono Motors

Sono Motors is developing solar technology for both transportation and passenger vehicles.

The Low Voltage Maximum Power Point Tracking Central Unit (LV MCU) is the brains of our solar kits and responsible for maximising the solar yield of our photovoltaic panels and converting the solar energy to a suitable voltage with which we can charge the vehicle low voltage battery.

We are looking for a motivated embedded engineer to design, develop and deliver our Low Voltage MCU software.

About us
Vision, motivation and professionalism. Creativity and trust. Love for our planet. All of this unites our current team of nearly 40 colleagues. Together we fight for our vision, which we want to achieve with a new strategy and focus of our company: Offering Solar Integration for the transportation industry.
Our technology is already being used by more than 25 B2B customers, who are testing our Solar Bus Kit and other solar  integration solutions in a variety of vehicle architectures, including buses, refrigerated vehicles, cars and eTrucks/eVans.
Dein Weg zu uns:
Wir von Sono Motors möchten Mitarbeiter*innen gewinnen, die mit hohem Commitment und Bewusstsein für die Auswirkungen des eigenen Handelns unsere Vision vorantreiben. Wir wissen, dass das ein hehrer Anspruch ist. Aber wir möchten mehr sein als ein austauschbarer Arbeitgeber, da wir mit unserer Arbeit etwas bewegen möchten.

Neben der Zusendung deines Lebenslaufs bitten wir dich, anstelle eines klassischen Anschreibens eine der folgenden Fragen zu beantworten - und keine Angst, es gibt kein Richtig oder Falsch! Schreibe Frage und deine kompakte Antwort einfach formlos in eine Zusatzseite deines CVs oder in ein zweites Dokument:

  • Was ist in der heutigen Zeit deiner Meinung nach der größte Hebel, um nachhaltig zu leben?
  • Was ist dir wichtiger: Wissen oder Können? Und warum?
  • Was war das Mutigste, das du in den letzten Jahren getan hast?
  • Du hast einen Investor, was wäre deine Gründungsidee?

Das gibt uns vorab die Chance, dich ein wenig kennenlernen zu können. Wir freuen uns auf deine Bewerbung!

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